Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good News & More

I've had some great avenues of exposure come about lately. Le's catch up starting last fall. I was juried into the Southern Vermont ArtCenter annual National Competition. This was followed with a juried acceptance into the first annual Laumeister Fine Art exhibit at the Bennington Center for the Arts. Then the Winter Members show at SVAC.

In March came the incredible news that I have been accepted into the Living Masters Gallery of the Art Renewal Center, followed by acceptance into the first ever Marine Art exhibit at the Copley Society of Art juried by John Stobart, one of the world's leading marine artists. This event is going to be featured in the June issue of the American Art Collector magazine.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


On a train trip from Portsmouth, England to Stonehenge,the train made a brief stop at some village. I looked out the window, saw two men on the bench, and snapped a picture just as the train began moving. I knewthat I'd use them someday, I just didn't know how or why. I also saw a wall in Seville, Spain covered with graffiti- and no camera! I filed it in my memory. Eventually, becoming acquainted with Manichaean philosophy, these various images came together- hopefully.

MENDING NETS - New Painting

Fishing is more hard work than adventure. I wanted to portray the preliminary work on the dock with the ladder leading to the waiting boat and sea.

REUNION - A New Painting

This painting was inspired by a visit to the New Bedford Whaling Museum. I was captivated by the window light hitting the figurehead and wall, creating an aura around it. My wife took my picture in our garage door. I gave myself beard and ponytail and broke the bridge of my nose, transforming me from a broken down ironworker into a broken down whaler.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Children Of A Troubled Land

One of my favorite paintings which I thought you might enjoy is "Children Of A Troubled Land". It is painted with oil on linen and is 24" X 30".



Here is a fun video of some of my art work.